Benefits of Using Mantra Masala Spices in Your Cooking

Mantra masala spices provide a complete flavor that we crave for in all Indian curries and sautés. Additionally, these spices help to add depth of flavor to foods without taking much effort in cooking. Mantra masala spices are crafted with the ability to give you authentic taste, making them perfect for everything from Pav Bhaji to Shahi Paneer. There are many benefits of using Mantra masala spices in your cooking.

But what makes Mantra Masala so special?

Cryogenic grinding of spices is done by Mantra, which helps in retaining the essential oils of a spice and hence keeps the natural aroma and flavour intact. All powders are completely natural, with high-grade ingredients that offer great benefits for your taste buds! The science of cryogenic technology is simply done by freezing the raw spices at sub-zero temperatures using liquid nitrogen, and then grinding them to make fine particles which delivers the spice’s flavour intact with little or no loss of colour and aroma.

If you’re looking for a more nuanced flavor profile in your cooking, Mantra masala spices are a great option. In addition to their aroma-boosting properties, these spices also provide notes of homeliness in any dish it is added to. As such, they can be used to enhance many different types of dishes – from Sambhar to Rajma.

We made these special spices and made the packaging even more special.

Pick from a whole range of blended spices with Mantra Masala – Chicken masala, Chole Masala, Sambhar Masala, Chatpata Chat – you name it and we got it. But what is even better about our range is that each box of masala is carefully packaged in Ziplock packs that help you not just capture the spice in its best form but retain that form for the longest period on your shelf.

If you’re looking to pack a whole lot of flavor into your food without adding too many different powders on to the dish, Mantra masala spices are a great way to go.

Mantra Masala is now available at your nearest store. You can also purchase online with Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket and BlinkIt.

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