Here’s how choosing healthy cooking ingredients boost your immune system

With the ‘New Normal’ firmly in place, our kitchens have become the go-to place. Whether we decide to cook gourmet meals or whip up something easy, we are all looking for ways to boost the immune system and wake it up from its slumber. 

Munching on chips or not so healthy variants of our favourite foods seems like the easy way out, but what if you could give a healthy twist to favourite foods and boost your immunity, at the same time? Cooking oils enriched with vitamins and minerals and coupled with your favourite ingredients can kickstart your immune system in a healthy way.

What is immunity?

In general, Immunity is your body’s ability to defend attacks by bacteria, viruses, and allergens etc through all seasons. While research is still on in medical sciences to figure out ways in which the human immune system can be strengthened; previously, a healthy lifestyle was the best way toward building a stronger immune system. A daily intake of essential nutrients through diet are time-tested and scientifically proven ways of improving your immune system. For example, regular intake of Vitamin C is good for common cold and cough.

A healthier lifestyle for a healthier you

Some simple good-health guidelines can go a long way in naturally keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Every part of your body can function better when it is protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living options like eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise, even if you are home bound and getting adequate sleep are proven ways of ensuring a healthier lifestyle.  Also, keep those stress levels low by practising meditation and simple yoga practices!

Food ingredients that help boost immunity!

What you eat, when you eat and how you eat can also have a great impact on your immune system.  For centuries, we have relied on the proven efficacy of cooking ingredients like cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and healthy cooking oils that don’t just raise the taste aspect of our food but also aid in proper digestion and nourishment. While we focus on the ingredients that go into our diet, it is also important to monitor our cooking mediums.

Indians rely heavily on cooking oil for their daily diet, and this is an area that needs to be considered carefully as well. Excess use of cooking oil in diet has often been frowned upon, as a factor in abetting obesity, cardiac disease and other malaises. However, medical research indicates that the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in cooking oil are equally good for your body to process the foods you eat.

Many times, we are unable to source fruits and veggies that can fulfil the body’s nutrient requirements. Seasonal availability of these can be one factor as also personal tastes, which means your essential vitamin intake can be compromised. Similarly, adding nutrients to foods, particularly staple food, can increase intake among most of the population in countries. It can help to reduce nutrient deficiency disease. Additionally, if you are able to use a cooking medium that is infused with essential vitamins, and nutrients it can be the body’s defence system against a possible attack on the immune system. The first step towards a healthier you can start by choosing a cooking oil that has ingredients for a healthy immune system such as Emami’s Smart Balance cooking oil, which is scientifically developed and is enriched with 5 vital nutrients like Vitamin A, C, D,E and Omega 3, all of which your body needs on a daily basis to improve your immunity.

How does an immunity boosting cooking oil work?

Emami’s Smart Balance cooking oil is the country’s first oil brand to introduce the vital Vitamin C, along with their other ingredients. Vitamin C, a scientifically proven immunity booster, helps the body build immunity against the common cold and cough. The added vitamins- Vitamin A, D, E and Omega 3 remain heat stable during cooking, ensuring that the nutrients stay on in your cooked dishes and pass on the benefits to your body. 

How does it help you?

The unique combination of vitamins in your daily cooking oil helps you strengthen your immune system and provides nourishment as well. On the happier side, it is suitable for frying and all types of daily cooking and doesn’t change the texture or flavour of food.

Incorporating an immunity boosting oil in your diet can help you

* improve immune response

* improve immunity against infectious diseases

* boost antioxidant levels manage oxidative stress

* cope better with cold symptoms

* support strong bones

As we all adapt to a ‘new normal’ and figure out ways to adjust to a world that has changed overnight, it makes good sense to switch to products that will help keep our body’s immune and fitness levels high. There is no reason to change what you eat, but  only how smart you eat! Find the right balance between health and indulgence with  cooking oils like Smart Balance.

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