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Looking For The Best Mirch Powder? It’s Right Here!

On a lookout for the best mirch powder for your delicacies? You shouldn’t look any further. Read more about how Mantra Masala’s Mirch powder is definitely going to change the way you look at mirch powder.

Looking to cook something spicy, but couldn’t find the right Mirch powder? Don’t worry, we got your backs with our solution.

From seeing the elders drying up mirches on a hot sunny day, up at the terrace, to choosing a packet from a supermarket shelf, we’ve come a long way.

The taste, aroma, and sheer love that went into that homemade mirch powder was something that’s cherished by many of us even today.

Whether it was the sprinkle on top of the dahi bhalle or just the right quantity and combination in our favourite curries, it just used to hit the right chord every time.

Moreover, mirch powder not only provides great taste but also comes with amazing health benefits. It helps in digestion, maintains blood pressure levels, improves heart health, builds immunity, and so on.

So, when it comes to picking the right mirch powder from the number of options in the supermarket, which one should you pick?

Here’s why Mantra Masala should be your next mirch powder.

1. Just the right taste

Because taste is everything! Any mirch powder can provide a spicy touch to your food but what about taste?

Mirch powder is not only good for your heart but digestion as well.

The bright red colour means it is high in beta-carotene, which the body uses to make Vitamin A, which helps strengthen the immune system and acts as the body’s first line of defence against infections.

Mantra Masala’s mirch powder has the just-right taste filled with all the nutrients that your Aloo Paratha needs!

2.     Soulful Aroma

Opening that old ‘Masala ka Dabba’ while cooking in your home does make you nostalgic, doesn’t it?

A good mirch powder will not only give a spicy kick to your food but an aroma that will make you want more.

And who doesn’t want to eat delicious food that smells good! – did you imagine Sanjeev Kapoor smelling a spoon of curry? Because we for sure did!

Mantra Masala’s red mirch powder is processed with the Cryogenic technique which helps in keeping the flavours and organic aroma of the spices intact, making it as flavourful as possible.

3.     From the farm to your kitchen

Fresh ingredients play an important role in any spice mix. At Mantra Masala, we use fresh and hygienic red mirches to make your favourite mirch powder.

With no artificial flavours or colourings, Mantra Masala’s spices are meant to give you a flavourful ride filled with the right nutrients that your body needs.

4.     Retaining all the essential oils

Essential oils are important for a healthy mind and body as they help in bringing the best nutrition, taste and enjoyment to your everyday meals!

Mantra Masala’s mirch powder is rich in essential oils and has natural retention of flavours which is made possible with cryogenic grinding that helps to boost immunity.

5.     No added preservatives

Preservatives can spoil the overall look and even the taste of the food. Gradually, harming your health.

Experience the rich flavours and aroma of organic spices with us. With no added colours, artificial oils or flavours, we are a one-stop solution for all your spicy needs.

On the other hand, if you have a severe cold or mucus-clogged nasal passages, doctors advise eating spicy food.

Do keep in mind that less is more, so even if you add red mirch powder to your diet on a regular basis, keep it at the recommended dosage.

Moreover, to maintain your health and fitness, always attempt to get mirch powder of the highest quality. At Mantra Masala, we provide red mirch powder that is both fresh and flavorful.

Get your pack of Mantra Masala today!

At Mantra Masala, we aim to get that perfect taste. The one that takes you back, down memory lane.

Our mirch powders are sourced right from the mirchi capital of India, for that perfect flavour. Our cryogenic grinding technology further aims that the aroma remains intact and you get the finest particles.

So, the next time you feel like choosing the right pack of the best mirch powder from the supermarket, you know the one to choose.

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