Advans Soya Chunks

Soya Chunks have been well-established as rich source of Vegetarian Protein. For the first time, we have Advans Soya Chunks which provide 5 Unique Benefits of Strength, Immunity, Nutrition, Growth while being Soft & Tasty. 

It comes with Goodness of 5 Vital Nutrients – Protein, Iron, Zinc, Calcium & Dietary Fibre which gives 5 Ka Dum.

The texture of Advans Soya Chunks makes it compatible with a variety of Indian, Chinese & contemporary dishes making every dish Soft & Juicy. Blended with rice, salads, cutlets & curries Advans Soya Chunks help make every dish healthier & tastier.

Advans Soya Chunks is available in pack sizes ranging from single-use packs of Rs 10 /- & Rs 20/- to family packs of 200g & 1 Kg.”


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Mini Nutri Soya Chunks

Advans Mini soya Chunks also come with goodness of 5 vital nutrients. Mini Chunks are meticulously picked for a perfect small size. They are best suited for Chinese as well as contemporary Indian dishes.

Advans Mini Soya Chunks is available in single-use packs of Rs 10/- & family pack of 200g.)


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