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Emami Healthy & Tasty Smart Balance Oil

1st time in India, a cooking oil for your family with 5 immunity boosting nutrients including Omega 3. This unique combination prepares you to fight against several diseases, strengthens your immune defence system & provides nourishment. It also retains natural nutrients and makes food tasty.


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Vit D and Vit A is known to help strengthen immunity.
Vit C is known to help fight cold symptoms
Retains natural taste of food
Vit A is known to help improve immune response
Vit A and Vit C is known to help enhance immunity against infectious diseases
Vit E and Vit C is known to help boost antioxidant levels to fight oxidative stress
Vit D is known to help support strong bones
Suitable for frying and all types of daily cooking

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Scientifically Proven 5 Immunity Boosters


Vitamin A

Helps improve immune response

Vitamin C

Helps fight against cold & cough

Vitamin D

Helps fight inflammation

Vitamin E

Helps strengthen immunity

Omega 3

Helps support healthy immune system

Emami Healthy & Tasty Smart Balance

Ordinary Cooking Oils


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Emami Healthy & Tasty Smart Balance Cooking oil is a blended edible oil with 75% Refined Soyabean Oil & 25% Refined Rice Bran Oil. This oil has immunity boosting nutrients like vitamin A, C, D, E and omega 3. To Know More: https://www.healthyandtastyfoods.com/smartbalance/

Oil Soluble form of Vitamin C is known and available globally. The R&D team at Emami Agrotech has found a way to stabilize Vitamin C in the oil. This is a unique and innovative way of fortifying cooking oil with Vitamin C

All types of oils have their own unique uses and benefits. Emami Healthy & Tasty Smart Balance has been developed with Vitamin A, C, D, E and Omega 3 which makes it rich in nutrients and different from other oils available in the market.

The oil soluble form of Vitamin C is globally available and has been found stable at higher temperature.This oil is suitable for all types of cooking and frying.

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